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Dec 2, 2013 7:00pm PST
didn't have to do it now. it would be crazy for her to put distance between herself and barack obama's policies right now. she can't walk away from it so easily. his popsies are popular in the democratic party. >> but it is interesting in this article and a number of news pieces about her outreach to the black community, particularly to black leaders trying to repair damage that she inflicted and her husband inflicted during the first election against obama. >> it was interesting. i was having lunch with a friend today who is the executive director at the feminist press talking about what this time means and the intersection of race and gender and poverty and privilege that we're literally between a barack and hillary place. there is something going on looking at race and gender and i think the black community is very forgiving. r. kelly can still sell out arenas. so i think it is more really bill who hurt the community with some of his flippant remarks and they pushed their privilege. >> all the black leaders who have been quoted are saying full, square center he is being for given an
Dec 9, 2013 7:00pm PST
obama for his signature. >>> america and british spies have infiltrated "world war craft" and others according to the new documents released. it has more than 7 million subscribers. >>> princeton university has started vaccinating thousands of students to try to stop an outbreak of meningitis b. the cdc is allowing limited use of the vaccine at princeton where eight people have fallen ill. >>> scientists have extracted the oldest human known dna from bones find in northern spain. the 400,000-year-old remains belong to an early human light species that could be an ance ancestor of both neanderthals. really a fascinating find there. >> we should all look so good at 400,000 years old. >> it will make you feel young. >> i feel so young. >>> coming up next, crime and punishment and a horrible end to a honeymoon. however this murder trial comes out, just getting under way. the bride that is accused of pushing her husband off a cliff. details straight ahead. now back to anderson. >> also have more from south africa. my conversation with david turnley a pulletszer prize winning photographer.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2